Wellness Program From incentaHEALTH Helps Denver Man Drop More Than 40 Pounds

Wellness Program From incentaHEALTH Helps Denver Man Drop More Than 40 Pounds

July 14, 2016






Wellness Program From incentaHEALTH Helps Denver Man Drop More Than 40 Pounds

Interactive Email Coaching, Workplace Weigh-Ins on Private Kiosks, Cash Rewards Cited as Keys to Success

DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – Jan 31, 2012) – “Hey, do you have a brother who works here?” – It’s a question that Andrew Casper, an employee of HealthONE in Denver, is hearing in the hallways at work often these days. Overweight for all of his adult life, 56-year-old Andrew has recently lost more than 40 pounds through HealthONE’s incentaHEALTH wellness program — and is now nearly unrecognizable to his colleagues.

Having previously tried countless fad diets and weight loss plans, incentaHEALTH’s fully rounded wellness plan was the thing that finally clicked for Andrew — guiding him to refocus his energy into making a complete lifestyle change. No longer could he sit on the couch watching TV all afternoon on the weekends — downing bags of chips while cheering on his favorite teams. Instead, Andrew now rises at 5:30 a.m. every day, logging in a morning workout on the elliptical machine. In the evenings after working a full day as a Senior Telecom Engineer at HealthONE, Andrew unwinds by hopping on his bike and pedaling out to enjoy Denver’s picturesque vistas.

family history of heart disease and obesity had always weighed heavily on his mind, and incentaHEALTH has given Andrew the tools he needed to avoid the same fate as his father, who passed at the age of 58. incentaHEALTH is an employee wellness program emphasizing lifestyle changes that lead to life-long healthy weight. Participants have access to an online fitness guide, daily email or SMS text message coaching, communication with a personal trainer, an online success journal, and visual progress reports. Employee participants can earn cash rewards for both successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. incentaHEALTH blends the science of behavior change with wellness incentive technology to provide a solution for obesity and rising healthcare costs.

“This truly is a case of ‘If I can do it, anyone can do it’,” commented Andrew. “In fact, I’ve challenged everyone in the office to join me in my quest to overhaul my lifestyle, improve my health and reach and maintain my goal weight. It’s free for employees — and incentaHEALTH actually pays us to lose weight!”

Andrew’s employer, HealthONE, is one of Denver’s largest employers and the largest healthcare system in the metro Denver area. HealthONE recently launched a new employee wellness program from incentaHEALTH. Andrew is one of 3,000 HealthONE employees that have signed up for the new program, and his results are attracting attention.

“My co-workers are constantly telling me that I am an inspiration to them,” notes Andrew. “The incentaHEALTH program has truly been life-changing for me, since I started the program in August 2011; they have been there for me every step of the way — with guidance on everything from what to choose for lunch to which exercise equipment would benefit me the most. I didn’t want to become another statistic — I want to be able to have a healthy retirement where I can enjoy all of the things I have worked so hard for. incentaHEALTH and HealthONE have made this possible for me.”

HealthONE employees have access to eight incentaHEALTH patented kiosks across the Denver metro area, making it easy and convenient for them to chart their progress and stay on task. These kiosks, located in HealthONE hospitals, privately weigh and photograph each employee in under 60 seconds. This allows participants to view a visual progress report — actually seeing their transformation over time as they improve their health serves as a big motivator, and helps keep them on track. HealthONE’s incentaHEALTH program has been enthusiastically received by employees — in the first few weeks since the kick-off, over 3,000 employees and their dependents are using the program.

Andrew is looking forward to his daughter’s wedding next month, where he hopes to do what his weight prohibited him from doing at his first daughter’s wedding — put his arms around her during the father/daughter dance. He will hang a new photo of this special moment next to the old one that has hung on his refrigerator since the first wedding — to serve as a visual reminder of just how far he’s come.

For more information on the incentaHEALTH program, please visit www.incentahealth.com.