Weigh and Win kiosk now at Goodson Recreation Center

Weigh and Win kiosk now at Goodson Recreation Center

July 14, 2016

City of Centennial

Weigh and Win kiosk now at Goodson Recreation Center

DENVER — May 19, 2011 – A new program in metro-Denver promises to reward people with cash incentives for achieving healthier lifestyles. Weigh and Win, a partnership between Kaiser Permanente and a local health technology company, incentaHEALTH, is the nation’s first community-wide program offering cash rewards and prizes to individuals who achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Weigh and Win is available for free to all Coloradans ages 18 and over. Individuals who sign up for the program will participate in quarterly photographed weigh-ins at kiosks stationed conveniently throughout the Denver-metro area and receive cash incentives for positive results.

Kaiser Permanente announced a kiosk location for the Centennial area at Goodson Recreation Center, 6315 South University Boulevard, on University just north of Arapahoe Road. This kiosk location is open to the public. Participants will have access to a variety of online coaching tools to help them reach their goals.

“Centennial is very happy to have one of the Weigh and Win kiosks in our community. South Suburban Parks and Recreation District is the perfect host for the kiosk due to the large numbers of people who go through the center every day to exercise and participate in wellness programs,” said Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon. “Weigh and Win is a good way to incentivize a healthy lifestyle.”

Weigh and Win is just one example of how Kaiser Permanente is committed to comprehensively fighting the obesity epidemic by making the healthy choice the easy choice through environmental and policy change. In addition to providing evidence based weight management strategies and health education programs to its 535,000 members in Colorado, the organization is a founding funder of LiveWell Colorado, the only statewide non-profit dedicated exclusively to leading a collaborative fight against obesity. To date, LiveWell has reached more than 130,000 children at 1,087 schools and more than 700,000 people with community-wide strategies.

“We know that being overweight or obese has serious health consequences. It not only increases the risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, but there’s also a tremendous cost to our communities,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, Kaiser Permanente vice president of Government and External Relations. “Kaiser Permanente is committed to improving the health of all Coloradans and this program builds upon our extensive work to increase healthy eating and physical activity.”

While this is the first time the program has been applied to a community at large, similar initiatives have achieved notable results in workplace settings. In corporate deployments of the incentaHEALTH program, the average employee loses 6 percent body weight (12 pounds for a 200 pound person) and 40 percent of participants stay in the program for one year.

  • Individuals can sign up online at www.weighandwin.com.
  • After filling out the enrollment information, participants must then visit one of six Weigh and Win kiosks located throughout the Denver-metro area, where they will have their initial weight recorded and a photo taken.
  • An individual’s progress is measured and tracked through quarterly weigh-ins at these kiosks, and success is rewarded quarterly through debit cards according to percentage of weight lost. Participants who maintain a healthy weight are eligible for a variety of prizes and coupons.

Weigh and Win kiosks are stationed at the following locations:

Additional kiosks will be added in the coming months in Colorado Springs, Glendale, Lakewood and Broomfield.


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