incentaHEALTH’s Weigh and Win program featured on CBS Denver

incentaHEALTH’s Weigh and Win program featured on CBS Denver

July 12, 2016


Cash Paid To Those Who Lose Weight And Keep It Off

DENVER (CBS4)– Now those who are trying to lose weight have another incentive beside staying healthy and keeping fit– cash.

The non-profit Kaiser Permanente has a new program called Weigh And Win that may be the extra push many need to keep the weight off.

“When I heard that I could be paid to lose weight that was my first incentive to do it,” said Weigh And Win participant John Magnuson.

Kaiser hopes to tackle the nation’s growing obesity problem and teach healthy living at the same time.

“We really wanted to give back to the community and we felt this program was a perfect fit for really what our mission is and we really wanted to get out to the community,” said Kaiser Wellness Consultant Beth Frye.

Participants measure their weight, get their picture taken and their progress tracked. Positive results equal a payout.

“If we can provide them with an incentive to do that, it’s remarkable. I’ve heard some really empowering stories,” said Frye.

On average, people in the program lose about six percent of their body weight and 40 percent of the people stay in the program.

“It gave me the incentive I needed to try,” said Magnuson. “With money being tight and a lot of large people like myself out there I think a lot of people will try to make some money.”

Anyone can join regardless of weight goals, whether it’s five or 50 pounds. Payouts are based on progress.

“If you are at a healthy body weight then you wouldn’t be eligible for the cash incentives but you would be eligible for prizes and coupons,” said Frye.

Participants in the “Weigh and Win” program can earn anywhere from $15 to $150 every three months to lose weight and keep it off.

“Being paid to lose weight is great,” said Magnuson.