incentaHEALTH LLC Targets Obesity in the Workplace

incentaHEALTH LLC Targets Obesity in the Workplace

June 30, 2016



Jack D. Rule
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incentaHEALTH LLC Targets Obesity in the Workplace

Denver company to develop first measurable, incentive-based weight management program for employers

Denver, Colo. (January 23, 2003) — incentaHEALTH announces today a new program to address the growing problem of obesity and rising health care costs. incentaHEALTH is developing an Internet-based program that will pay employees for successfully managing their health.

The incentaHEALTH program is notable in its use of breakthrough health care technology that enables the system to support the weight-management programs of numerous employees simultaneously. “We provide personalized daily exercise and nutrition coaching to each employee that helps them reach their long term weight-loss goals” says Jack Rule, Chief Executive Officer of incentaHEALTH. “Our program easily scales, allowing it to be offered to thousands of employees with the same level of individual care. The end result is a healthier employee and significant reductions in health care costs.”

The incentaHEALTH system is currently undergoing development and testing. The first release of this product will be available by the end of 2003.

About incentaHEALTH
incentaHEALTH is an innovative health care technology company based in Denver, Colorado. incentaHEALTH’s unique patent-pending employee weight loss program is designed to lower employees’ weight while reducing an organization’s health care costs. The incentaHEALTH solution uses a proprietary automated technology that dramatically improves the process of nurturing, supporting, and measuring employees’ participation and success in a weight loss program. Visit for more information.