HealthONE Enhances Employee Wellness Program With incentaHEALTH

HealthONE Enhances Employee Wellness Program With incentaHEALTH

July 12, 2016

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HealthONE Enhances Employee Wellness Program With incentaHEALTH

‘Taking Care of People Who Take Care of People’ Embraced by One of Denver’s Largest Employers

DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – Oct 18, 2011) – The 9,000 employees of Denver’s HCA HealthONE LLC® healthcare system have made caring for others their profession. HealthONE is giving back and helping its employees take their passion and dedication to bettering the health of others — and apply it to themselves through a new program with incentaHEALTH.

Today, incentaHEALTH announced that HealthONE, one of Denver’s largest employers and the largest healthcare system in the metro area, launched a new employee wellness program, the ‘Taking Care of People Who Take Care of People’ program. incentaHEALTH is a company that blends the science of behavior change with wellness incentive technology to provide a solution for obesity and rising healthcare costs. HealthONE’s new incentaHEALTH program enhances the company’s existing employee wellness offerings.

Healthcare professionals often work long hours — shifts can last as long as 12 hours — in stressful, fast-paced environments, making them susceptible to ailments including high blood pressure and obesity. These professionals are often role models for the patients that come through medical facilities. With this in mind, HealthONE is taking a proactive approach through promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring that its employees — who look after the health of patients — take the time to properly care for themselves as well.

According to Becky Adix, vice president of human resources for HealthONE, “We take great pride in creating a healthy work environment at our hospitals, surgery centers and clinics because we want our facilities to be places where staff can thrive. This partnership with incentaHEALTH complements our existing efforts to foster a supportive, health conscious community — while allowing our employees to focus on what we do best: world-class patient centered healthcare.”

incentaHEALTH is an employee wellness program emphasizing lifestyle changes that lead to life-long healthy weight. Participants have access to an online fitness guide, daily email or SMS text message coaching, communication with a personal trainer, an online success journal, and visual progress reports. Employee participants can earn cash rewards for both successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

“Monetary incentives and the exceptional support provided to our employees helped incentaHEALTH rise to the top of the list of programs we were considering,” Adix continued. Demonstrating the flexibility offered by incentaHEALTH, the company’s professional health coaches conducted 24 kick off sessions on different days and times in order to ensure that HealthONE employees from all shifts had the knowledge needed to achieve maximum results with the new program.

“Combining the latest technological advances, including fully automated private kiosks monitoring weight, blood pressure, body mass index and digital photograph, with a personalized approach that tailors expert advice on nutrition and exercise makes the incentaHEALTH program one of a kind,” explained Todd McGuire, co-founder and chief technology officer of incentaHEALTH. “We also employ a unique motivational approach, and actually pay employees to lose weight.” incentaHEALTH’s kiosks capture the employees’ weight, which allows the employees to earn cash incentives for their weight-loss performance.

incentaHEALTH’s HEALTHspot kiosks give employees instant access to the following services:

  • Automated biometric measurements of weight, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) using authenticated measurements (not self-reported)
  • Instant feedback to participants and program administrators 24-hour, low-cost operation and remote maintenance
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Full-body digital imaging to keep track of participant progress and create a visual progress report
  • Secure electronic records for both employee and employer

HealthONE employees have access to eight incentaHEALTH patented kiosks across the Denver metro area, making it easy and convenient for them to chart their progress and stay on task. HealthONE’s incentaHEALTH program has been enthusiastically received by employees — in the first few weeks since the kick off, over 3,000 employees and their dependents are using the program.

“The numbers speak for themselves — HealthONE employees are seeing the benefits offered by the incentaHEALTH program and signing up at a rapid pace,” commented McGuire.

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About incentaHEALTH
incentaHEALTH is an innovative healthcare technology company based in Denver, Colo. incentaHEALTH’s fully outsourced, employee weight management program is designed to help organizations reduce their healthcare costs by offering incentives to employees for improving their health. This is achieved by helping employees manage their weight through the use of interactive email and text message coaching, workplace weigh-ins on private kiosks, and cash rewards for maintaining long term health improvements. For more information, visit

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