Accident Fund finds ways to help employees improve their health

Accident Fund finds ways to help employees improve their health

July 12, 2016


Accident fund finds ways to help employees improve their health


Accident Fund health promotion specialist Jenny Quinn leads employees during a lunchtime group fitness boot camp in the in-house fitness center at the company’s headquarters in downtown Lansing.

It’s hard to not be inspired to change your ways after talking to Jenny Quinn.

As health promotion specialist for Accident Fund Holdings, Inc., she’s like a personal cheerleader for the company’s employees in their efforts to get fit, lose weight and improve their health.

Quinn oversees Accident Fund’s internal wellness program, eBalance. It was created a few years ago after an employee survey revealed that much like the larger population, the company’s employees were overwhelmingly overweight and looking for help.

The company partnered with IncentaHEALTH, a Denver-based service that offers personalized coaching to participating employees and prizes for health improvements.

The result? More than 9,000 pounds lost company-wide.

Accident Fund has included a state-of-the-art fitness center in its new building in downtown Lansing. Quinn herself has been known to lead fitness classes.

“This is my passion, so this is easy for me,” said Quinn. “Our philosophy is that we care about our employees. We want you to be healthy and to give you opportunities to do so.”

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