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Community Wellness with incentaHEALTH

Success Stories

Ron & Julie

Hear from a couple who have learned how to reverse diabetes through healthy eating and active living.  Their stories are sure to inspire you to take charge of your health!

Using Our Daily SMS Feature to Stay on Track

Follow Tanya as she uses an incentaHEALTH scale at her workplace to track her progress.  She also uses the daily nutrition and exercise text message feature to remind her at 11:45 AM to make healthy choices at the cafeteria.

Conquering Diabetes Through Nutrition & Exercise

In this heart warming story, watch as Roy slowly loses over 100 pounds and and transforms his health.  With a daily nutrition + exercise program delivered via email and SMS, Roy has created powerful new habits around healthy living.

Jacqueline Caballero

Hear how a store associate from California lost 50 lbs with the help of daily motivational messages and healthy recipe ideas. She was motivated to lose weight by her young daughter and from the support of her husband along the way. Click here to read the full story.


Look how Phillip has been able to shift his unhealthy behaviors to make healthier choices. He’s done this without using a complicated exercise plan or fad diet. He especially loves using the kiosk to get full-length photos of his progress. He’s been able to successfully reach the weight he was at during his senior year of high school.

Jenny M

Learn about how Jenny stayed motivated to work towards her weight loss goals by making small and attainable goals. She learned how to eat healthier and be more active by following the daily health coaching emails and especially loved having Health Coaches available to her throughout her journey!

Rebecca M

Rebecca changed her way of life, got healthy for her family and lost 60 pounds! Now that she’s lost the weight, she feels overall healthier, ‘brighter’ and afternoon naps are no longer necessary. Watch her story below.

Jacob B

Jacob was pre-diabetic and suffered from a number of other health ailments related to obesity. His biggest challenge was to take action and START. He is now down 120 pounds and has completely turned his life around.