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Category: Obesity Research

incentaHEALTH Program Found to Significantly Reduce Community-Wide Cases of Obesity Related Illnesses, Saving $47.3 Million in Medical Costs

A recent study assessed the lifetime health and economic impact of a scalable community weight loss program for overweight and obese adults. The study evaluated more than 30,000 at-risk adults who were participants of the Weigh and Win program, comparing their BMI improvement to chronic disease mitigation. The results showed an astounding 16:1 return on investment […]

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Study Published by Journal of General Internal Medicine Finds 71 Percent of Engaged Participants Lost Weight Using incentaHEALTH’s State-of-the-Art Weight Management Program

(Download the full study at Of the more than 40,000 people who participated in a cash-incented, technology-based weight loss program, an impressive 71 percent of engaged participants lost weight, according to a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. The study of the Weigh and Win program was facilitated by the University […]

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Notah Begay III Foundation employees eliminate intake of all sugary drinks and walk nearly 5 millions steps during incentaHEALTH 30 day challenge.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Notah Begay III Foundation Employees Set Positive Example During Native American Heritage Month  Employees Successfully Eliminate Intake of all Sugary Drinks and Walk Nearly 5 Million Steps DENVER, Dec. 17, 2015 – The Notah Begay III Foundation conducted a 30 day health awareness campaign for employees throughout November: Native American Heritage Month. NB3F, […]

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incentaHEALTH powers community weight loss platform in Colorado

In the three years since the program began, Weigh and Win has helped Coloradans lose more than 125,000 pounds and distributed $220,000 in cash rewards. Weigh and Win is a free community program for all Colorado residents that pays cash rewards for weight improvement and maintenance. In 2013, Weigh and Win had over 67,000 weigh-ins completed, integrated with […]

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Reducing Health Care Costs with a Healthy Workforce

With health care costs constantly on the rise, there is an increasing interest in workplace health initiatives that are designed to help employees improve their health and well being, while also helping reduce health care costs. There are a large number of health issues that affects today’s work place, with obesity being one of the biggest […]

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Mayo Clinic: “Money talks when it comes to losing weight”

A recent study has found more evidence that rewarding individuals for losing weight improves outcomes in weight management programs.  Researchers at the Mayo Clinic offered cash incentives to a group of participants if they were able to succeed at losing a target of 4 pounds per month. According to the researchers the results for the incentive […]

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One more reason to get out of your chair

The USA Today has a nice piece today on the correlation between sitting and life expectancy.  As you might have guessed, spending a lot of time sitting increases your risk.  In the study, scientists found that if you reduced your time spent sitting to less than 3 hours, you could add 2 years to your life […]

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