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The incentaHEALTH Solution!

The incentaHEALTH Wellness Platform is a powerhouse solution for engaging your entire workforce. With a slew of components designed to maximize the four dimensions of a successful wellness program, incentaHEALTH works! What are the four dimensions of a successful wellness program? Reach: What percentage of the population has signed up? Retention: What percentage of participants stay […]

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Staying on the Healthy Path!

Whether participating in an employee weight loss program or trying to finally take the initiative to lead a healthier life alone, everyone needs motivation sometimes. With tons of helpful fitness tools available, staying motivated has never been easier! The following tips are meant to help keep you on track to reach your fitness goals: Stay Motivated! […]

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How to Use Incentives in a Wellness Program to Improve Employee Health

Imagine you’re reaching for the last glazed doughnut, when someone says they will give you $20 to put it down. Would you find yourself eating the doughnut or opting for the money? Hopefully, the money would be enough of an incentive to decline the doughnut. Incentives motivate some employees to engage in healthier behaviors that yield […]

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What are the Benefits of Running a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge?

Imagine a workplace full of happier, healthier employees. Health is one of the major concerns throughout the world.  As obesity climbs and sedentary lifestyles increase, so have health complications and preventable diseases. Many people fall into a constant cycle of excuses, using lack of time as an excuse for not fitting exercise into their busy work […]

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Why Does it Make Sense to Run a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge?

Obesity and weight related illnesses are steadily increasing.  With sedentary workplaces and lifestyles, the need for a healthier lifestyle and reduction of body fat is essential. Many people are faced with a lack of motivation when it comes to taking the initiative to lose weight.  Others eat for convenience and use work as an excuse, telling […]

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How to Stay Active if Working a Sedentary Job

American’s spend roughly two thirds of their day at work and with technology advances, more and more jobs are able to be performed entirely from the home or office computer which has led to the ever so common “desk job.” Today, nearly 80% of jobs do not require any sort of physical activity and this increasing […]

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