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10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

We all know that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” but why? Not only does consuming a healthy breakfast give you energy to start your day, but breakfast is also linked to many other health benefits including: improved performance and concentration, lower cholesterol levels, more strength and endurance throughout the day, and even […]

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Seclusion Sustenance

Walking through the grocery store these days can be frightening—barren shelves, shortages on a number of foods (unless you’re vegan—judging from the full stock of vegan products, they seem to be the only ones not in panic mode), and people fighting over Eggo Waffles. True story. Our world became a different place almost overnight. But don’t […]

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4 ways to avoid sitting all day

Recent research shows that sitting for long periods of time may be as bad for you as smoking. Sitting for extended periods of time raises the risk of disability, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, not to mention obesity. Being too sedentary and spending too much time on our behinds is a real threat to our health. […]

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How to live a balanced and healthy life

Even though it may seem difficult to focus on personal health and well-being, living a balanced and healthy life is certainly well within your reach! Making small, attainable changes to your daily habits can help you to achieve the well-being you yearn for, and more importantly, deserve. Making a pact to take care of yourself is […]

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Remote Rescue

The world is a crazy, scary place right now. There’s no hiding from the fact that life has changed and requires a completely different set of skills than the ‘normal’ we may know. Closures and physical distancing are creating new norms like home schooling, distance learning and remote working. Working from home is a foreign concept […]

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Stress: How it Affects Us and How Exercise Can Help

STRESS – just seeing the word can cause anxiety for some people. Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It can also be defined as the non-specific response of the body to any demand of change. This means that there is such a thing […]

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#Breakthestigma with Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month—even more significant in our current circumstances. Now, more than ever, people may be suffering from depression, anxiety, and other disorders as they are isolated, facing job loss, wondering how to pay the bills, and just struggling to make it through each day. Nearly 450 million people worldwide suffer from a […]

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Boning up on Osteoporosis

Aging naturally tends to be the goal for most—taking what each day brings us with grace—every grey hair; every wrinkle; and all the other physical changes. However, that does not mean blissfully going through each day, hoping for the best. With aging comes the potential for increased risk of several diseases, osteoporosis being one of the […]

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Our COVID-19 Response for incentaHEALTH Clients

In light of the current environment, we have launched Healthy@Home, a tool to help employees connect with others through this trying time and be given extra tools and resources. All of our recommendations are centered around easily accessible resources and incorporate the entire family. incentaHEALTH is providing the following in connection with this campaign that we […]

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