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Fall foods with empty plate

Enjoying Fall’s Best Foods

The leaves on the trees are changing, the morning air is crisp,  and the days are getting a little shorter. There is no other season quite like fall to step back and take in all the beauty it has to offer. The changing of seasons also ushers in a new selection of produce to enjoy. From […]

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Get Your Pink On

October typically conjures images of orange pumpkins, black bats, red leaves, and yellow candy…not pink. Pink is the color of February and hearts and flowers, and not autumnal October. But, with October comes Breast Cancer Awareness month, marked on the calendars of countries across the world, where we are encouraged to “Think Pink.” With 458,000 deaths […]

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Age, It’s Just a Number

Whether we like it or not, we all age. Our bodies change daily, and no amount of fitness, creams, botox, prayer, denial, or surgery can stop the relentless march of time’s effects on the body. We are lucky to live in an age where our lives have been extended through better nutrition and medical care, but […]

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The Times, They are a-Changin’

I had planned to write this month about taking care of oneself as the kids are returning to school—finding the time amidst the notebook and pencil shopping and new clothes purchases and last minute meetings and play dates to breathe and focus, too, on you…but if one thing is certain these days, it’s that nothing is […]

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A Social (Distanced) Summer

It’s been a year—to say the least. No one remains unscathed. We could not have foreseen the pandemic and the effects that will ripple through our world for a long time yet. Untold lives have been altered dramatically. Eyes looked to summer as the hopeful pivot point—the time when maybe, just maybe, life would become ‘normal’ […]

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Outdoor Workout: Bench Circuit

A quick and easy workout you can do while watching your kids play at the park, or in your own backyard! All you need is a sturdy bench or chair. Complete 10-20 repetitions per exercise, and cycle through 1-3 sets of each exercise depending on your fitness level. 1 | Bench Hops or Step-ups Facing the […]

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Men’s Health Matters!

Ok, guys, this one is for you, specifically. June is Men’s Health Month and it’s time to focus on yourselves. We, the women of the world, appreciate all of your hard work each day—your long hours, your strength, your work ethic—everything—but, we insist you take a moment and practice a bit of selfishness. Were you aware […]

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Quarantine Fatigue? 6 Tips For Better Sleep

Are you hitting snooze on your alarm more frequently? Time normally spent in the morning getting dressed, packing lunches and commuting is being saved as many of us are still quarantining at home – so why not sleep a bit later? But are you still struggling to get out of bed in the morning and get […]

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Three Tips for Healthy and Safe Running

There are many different levels of runners in the incentaHEALTH community! Maybe you’ve run a marathon, or you’ve decided to take up running since your gym closed. Regardless of your running level, you should always make sure you are taking care of your body so you can run injury free for years to come. With all […]

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