How Can You Set Up a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge?

Starting a corporate weight loss challenge is a relatively simple process that can yield huge results. With the growing obesity epidemic in today’s society, the demand for such a program in the workplace is crucial. Listed below are steps to begin a corporate weight loss challenge that could ultimately change the long-term health of your work force.


    1. Choosing a wellness program provider. A wellness program provider will help set up and distribute information and tools that will guarantee a successful program.  Information and knowledge are the most crucial components for anyone considering a healthier approach to their current lifestyle.
    2. Determine how to measure success.  For example, use a private weigh station “kiosk” that can track individual employee progress. The HEALTHspot kiosk (patented design by incentaHEALTH) collects authenticated weight (not self-reported) on a continuous basis across all worksites. This data is then used to track the success of participants and the related program success of reduced employer health care costs. The use of a private, biometric monitoring kiosk lets employees measure their progress when it is convenient for them. Simple to use and accurate, the HEALTHspot kiosk is a surefire way to ensure a successful weight loss program. More information about the HEALTHspot kiosk can be found here. The following video also explains how the kiosk works.

  1. Establish a rewards system for improving health. This is an excellent way to motivate and keep employees active within the program. Prizes, such as paid-time-off hours or cash, are all excellent incentives that can keep employees motivated throughout the duration of a corporate weight loss challenge.
  2. Tracking progress and discovering data correlations.  The most crucial element of a corporate weight loss challenge is regular tracking or progress throughout the contest. Using the HEALTHspot kiosk can help monitor the progress of all participants, and determine the outcome when the contest is complete.
  3. Evaluate the program and celebrate success.  Evaluating the program and its effectiveness is key to yielding greater success in the future. Also, any successful corporate weight loss challenge should end with success stories and celebration of a job well done. Corporate meetings and staff meetings should dedicate a small amount of time to honor participants and winners within the program. Great health is something that should be commended. Sharing success stories of participants is an excellent way to increase the number of participants and ensure future challenges are successful.