What motivated you to join Lose to Win? 

My health, my relationship with my husband, and I was also bullied. I couldn’t breathe when I was sleeping and had trouble simply picking up things and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I have a two year old daughter. People would tell her “her mom was too fat” and my daughter would ask why I was so big. I gained weight because of always eating and sitting, and looking to food for comfort.

My weight loss took one year. I am down 75lbs total, 40 from the Lose to Win program and stilling wanting to lose 20 more. My skin is better and I can actually fit in clothes when trying them on. I could eat a lot more before. During my weight loss, I focused on portion control and now I cannot eat as much as before.

For exercise, I did Zumba, pushups and wall sits. My husband would help train me. He was always very positive and supportive and would eat the same as me to help me out. My weight loss was not for vanity but for health, and my husband treated it the same way.

What were your goals when you started the program?

Weight loss.

My goal was to become disciplined. My husband is/was my trainer and helped me with my exercise routines and nutrition. I ate a lot of lean protein, green drinks, less fat, no junk food, didn’t use sugar. He was very supportive and ate the same way as me to help keep me motivated to lose weight.

``The daily messages kept me going.``

You're doing it for yourself, to be comfortable in your own skin.

The reasons why Jacqueline liked the Lose to Win program and why the program really worked for her to help her achieve her health goals.

Why has Lose to Win worked for you and what do you like about the program?

The motivational text messages kept me going. They also provided yummy recipe ideas. It also helped me understand that even a short time spent exercising is better than none! The team challenges and winning Disney Land tickets was also a big motivator.

The program is great because you’re doing it for yourself – to be comfortable in your own skin.

Do you have any tips or advice for new participants to Lose to Win? 

You can do it! The first days were the hardest. When I started to see the results it kept me motivated. Keep going – Sigue!! It is a lifestyle, not a diet.

You must stay consistent!!

What was your greatest hurdle during your weight loss journey and how did you overcome this?

Keeping myself motivated and telling myself that I could do it.

How is your life now different from your life before beginning the incentaHEALTH Lose to Win program?

I can do so much more now, like playing football with my daughter and running. My life changed completely for the better.