incentaHEALTH to address outcome based wellness programs, employer wellness and civic wellness, lowering healthcare costs and increasing ROI

Denver digital wellness company, incentaHEALTH, will be presenting at next week’s “12th Annual Executive Forum on Rewarding Healthy Behaviors” in Las Vegas, a hotspot for the country’s leading incentive-based health and wellness programs. The two day conference will feature experts from employer, health plan and provider organizations sharing their experiences on creating innovative workplace wellness strategies, preventive health management initiatives and the evidence-based impact on workforce productivity, improvement of overall employee wellness and an increase in ROI.

Forum veteran, incentaHEALTH, will be hosting a session on Tuesday, February 2 at 2 p.m. and will speak to “Examining the Impact of a Measurable, Community Based Weight Loss Program” via Prezi, an interactive presentation platform.

incentaHEALTH’s technology-based and incentivized wellness program has reached over 71,000 people and rewarded over $400,000 to participants since 2011. Lia Schoepke, MBA, Program Manager of incentaHEALTH’s civic health platform Weigh and Win, will discuss how proven program strategies such as social accountability, push-based coaching, gamification and measureable results have caused 49 percent* of incentaHEALTH participants to lose at least 5 percent of their body weight, lowering client’s healthcare costs and increasing their ROI.

Co-presenting with Schoepke is Tracy Shea, workplace wellness strategist for Denver Health Medical Center, one of incentaHEALTH’s 150+ partners.

Attending the conference? Stop by incentaHEALTH’s exhibitor booth to see a live demo of the newest HEALTHspot® wellness kiosk! Also, be the first to preview the new incentaHEALTH Smart Scale, the initial product to be released of the HEALTHspot® @ HOME offerings. The @ HOME series will soon make measureable, incentivized weight loss available to participants in the comfort of their own home.

*Participants with a BMI of 25 or greater, with two or more weigh-ins.