Monthly Archives: June 2012

Health Task Force encourages doctors to screen for obesity, and urge patients to lose weight

The U.S. Preventive Services Task force on Monday released a new report urging physicians to take a more active role in addressing the obesity epidemic in the United States.  According to the new guidelines, doctors are encouraged to screen for...
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A peek inside Google’s new healthier cafeteria

Google has done some neat analysis on how its employees use the free cafeteria’s.  Based on the findings, they have made some neat tweaks to how they present their food.  Take a look at the results in this article from...
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Comparison of three different meals to feed a family of 4

The New York Times ran in interesting infographic showing different ways to make dinner for a family of four.  In the peice, they compare a meal from McDonald’s and two made at home using common ingredients.  It’s interesting to see...
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